Company Cars

Latest thinking
The majority of Company Cars in the UK are taxable under s114(1) IETPA 2003 by virtue of the fact they are made available for private use and funded by an employer.

CarOwnership has developed a unique solution which delivers cost savings in almost any situation where the employee suffers benefit in kind taxation on a UK Company Car.

HM Revenue & Customs
The scheme is registered by CarOwnership with HM Revenue & Customs under scheme reference number 24049353.

Status of vehicles
The cars remain true Company Cars and savings are likely to be between £300 and £500 per annum per car.







Did you know?
If you finance over 100 vehicles in the UK using one or more major UK leasing company for either Company Cars or an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, we offer you two guarantees:

Guarantee 1
A robust and HM Revenue and Customs compliant solution

Guarantee 2
To save you money

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