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Employee Car Ownership Schemes, ECO Schemes (ECOS) are a key element of our product portfolio together with much more tax efficient company car funding.

Our Company Car funding product provides impressive savings versus traditional leasing products such as Contract Hire.

Our Employee Car Ownership Schemes, ECO schemes (ECOS) differ markedly from the off the shelf Employee Car Ownership Scheme or Employee Car Ownership Plans offered by the Leasing Company sector.

We are now recognised as leaders in the field of Employee Car Ownership (ECO). First Generation ECO schemes and Cash Allowances are well established. We have worked exclusively in this field since 1998 and as each employer is seeking to achieve a different solution we have gained considerable knowledge that has enabled us to develop the very latest generation schemes.

At first glance CarOwnership may seem straightforward we're one of the UK's leading designers of innovative fleet funding methodologies.

We're independent and in the last twelve months have saved our clients between 750 and 930 per annum per vehicle whilst often retaining the current supplier.


Maybe. But we are much more than that. At CarOwnership we're passionately committed to delivering the very best for our clients. We work hard to listen and understand your existing policy and are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your ambitions.

We have an infectious desire to excel.


Did you know?
If you finance over 100 vehicles in the UK using one or more major UK leasing company for either Company Cars or an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, we offer you two guarantees:

Guarantee 1
A robust and HM Revenue and Customs compliant solution

Guarantee 2
To save you money

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