CarOwnership is an independent company with the vast majority of our work coming from ‘word of mouth’ referrals. If you were not previously aware of us, we’d strongly encourage you to talk to our existing clients to fully understand our approach and ability. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

Case studies
CarOwnership has an extensive understanding of all ‘fleet’ related matters. This includes:
  • taxation
  • VAT
  • national insurance
  • funding products and solutions
  • how and where supply chains add value and take risk and reward
We also help clients identify if suppliers are ‘best in class’. We optimise our clients’ fleet operations and help them to ensure they run their fleet more effectively.

Case study 1
Assisting one of, if not the, largest construction company in the world

This company runs an in-house (UK) leasing company. They have now retained our services on a minimum four year contract. Our advice includes two separate types of funding, as the vast majority of their cars are provided as Company Cars whilst senior management cars are funded using an Employee Car Ownership Scheme.

For this client, retaining an in house fleet operation best suited their needs. However, our architecture for their 2,000 UK cars is anticipated to save an additional £400,000 per annum compared to their previous methodology.

Case study 2
Assisting a global pharmaceutical company

We recently reviewed their UK Company Car and Employee Car Ownership Scheme following an in house European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) procurement decision to appoint an alternative new external supplier.

Following our review, the decision for the UK has been considerably amended and predominantly reversed. The incumbent supplier has retained all of the ‘job need’ part of the fleet whilst the ‘perk’ car fleet will transition to a new method of funding and supplier choice. In addition our suggested scheme architecture is anticipated to save £250,000 per annum across their 600 UK cars.

Case study 3
Assisting a large, well known FTSE 250 company undergo an external supplier review.

They are currently changing supplier and car scheme architecture. Savings for their 450 UK cars are anticipated to be £170,000 per annum.

Case study 4
Assisting a major UK company

We reviewed the Employee Car Ownership Scheme architecture delivered by one of the UK’s largest leasing companies to this corporate with 1,500 cars.


As part of this exercise we identified the potential to save £930 per car, per annum whilst exactly maintaining the employee benefit proposition.

  • Our expertise lies in assisting employers provide strictly job-need or purely benefit cars.
  • We can examine in-house or outsourced fleet operations operating within the UK.
  • And we can guarantee to save you money whilst delivering a robust, HM Revenue compliant solution.

How we work with you
CarOwnership usually approaches such projects by providing an initial "no cost - no obligation" meeting to assess your individual needs. We will then provide a detailed and fully costed proposal stating exactly what we believe we can do to improve your current fleet operation. As all of our projects to date have been completely bespoke, we are happy and flexible enough to consider any project scope you feel will best fit your requirements.

As cars are such an emotive issue in the UK, references from major clients are available at boardroom level. We believe that we can assist all clients to come to exactly the right decision for their circumstances and help all decision makers and influencers within a business fully understand the issues involved.


Did you know?
If you finance over 100 vehicles in the UK using one or more major UK leasing company for either Company Cars or an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, we offer you two guarantees:

Guarantee 1
A robust and HM Revenue and Customs compliant solution

Guarantee 2
To save you money

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